Three street-smart, individualistic city rabbits end up in a boarding school hidden deep in the forest. It is ruled by ancient traditions and a strong sense of community, the children learn powerful rabbit magic – and the newcomers turn the sheltered life of the school upside down. The stage is set for an entertaining, exciting, emotional culture clash between modern city kids and traditional forest dwellers which shows us again and again: Being different is magical.



Based on Akkord’s award-winning feature film RABBIT SCHOOL – GUARDIANS OF THE GOLDEN EGG and RABBIT SCHOOL – THE EGG FORCE and inspired by the children’s book classic by Fritz Koch-Gotha & Albert Sixtus. 




Genre Family Entertainment


Length, format 52×11 minutes, 2D-animated series


Target audience families, 6-10-year-old


German Broadcaster SWR, NDR, HR, KiKA


World Sales Global Screen


Lead writer Jon Dalgaard


scripts by Aurélie Gauthier, Bart Kuipers, Shannon George, David Freedman & Jules de Jongh, Dilpreet Kaur Walia, Eckart Fingberg, Juliette Turner, Sinem Sakaoglu, Sophie Caron & Vincent Détré


Director Emilie Rimetz


Development Executives Susanne Biesinger, Franziska Müller, Claudio Winter


Producer Dirk Beinhold, Valentin Greulich


Co-Producers Sebastian Runschke (SERU Animation), Jean-Michel Spiner (2 Minutes), Laszlo Szilagyi (Formart Dekor)


Funding  MEDIA Creative Europe, MFG, nordmedia, MBB


Delivery 2025-26




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