Every rabbit knows Rabbit Academy! Here, generations of rabbits have learned survival skills, special martial arts, thought-reading – and more. Max becomes the first city rabbit to ever attend Rabbit Academy. He stirs it up with his sense for adventure, amusing mischief and his different take on life. After all, Rabbit Academy is where diversity creates magic!


Based on Akkord’s award-winning feature film “Rabbit School – Guardians of the Golden Egg” and inspired by the children’s book classic by Fritz Koch-Gotha & Albert Sixtus.



Genre Family Entertainment


Length, format 52×11 minutes, CGI-animated series


Target audience families, 6-10-year-old boys and girls


Home Entertainment Distributor (Germany) LEONINE Distribution


Character Design Gerlinde Godelmann


Development Executives Susanne Biesinger, Claudio Winter


Producer Dirk Beinhold


Executive Producers Valentin Greulich, Sebastian Runschke


Funding  MEDIA Creative Europe



  • reference visual from the feature film


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