The garden of apple witch Petronella is a place of wonders for twins Lea and Luis. Shrunk to miniature size, they fly loops on stag beetle Lucius, help the wacky Apple Stick Men with their myriad of not-quite functional buildings – and, of course, they have to help solve the chaos caused by Petronella’s magical spells. It’s a charming world filled with funny and strange creatures where adventure is lurking behind every apple bud and no day is like any other.


Based on the successful book series by Sabine Städing (text) and SaBine Büchner (illustrations).



Genre TV series


Length, Format 39×11 minutes, 2D animation


Target audience Families, core target audience 4-8 year-olds


Production period 2018-2020


Distributor LEONINE Distribution


Broadcaster ZDF


World Sales Global Screen


Written by John ChambersSilja ClemensEckart FingbergKatja GrübelSarah KempenBarbara MierschKatharina ReschkePaul SchwarzHeike SperlingJan StrathmannClaudio Winter


Series concept Jan Strathmann, Heike Sperling


Director Emilie Rimetz


Character Design Christian Puille, Franck Renaut


Development Executives Susanne Biesinger, Claudio Winter


Producers Dirk Beinhold, Maite Woköck


Executive Producer Valentin Greulich, Sebastian Runschke


Co-Production Companies ZDF, Seru Film


In collaboration with 2Minutes


Funded by MFG, nordmedia, MBB, MEDIA Creative Europe, FFHSH


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