Newly divorced lawyer Nathan Del Amico is shaken up after he meets a doctor who claims that he can sense when select people are about to die. Though he doesn’t believe the doctor, events in Nathan’s life slowly make him think he’s not long for this world.


Screenplay Michel Spinosa and Gilles Bourdos, based on the French bestselling novel Et Apres (Afterwards) by Guillaume Musso.


Director Gilles Bourdos


DP Mark Lee Pin-Bing (In the Mood for Love)


Original Score Alexandre Desplat


Cast John Malkovich, Evangeline Lilly, Romain Duris



Producers Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missionier, Dirk Beinhold, Christian Gagne


Co-producing companies Fidelité Films (Paris), Christal Films (Québec) and Akkord Film


Distributors Wild Bunch (Paris), Telepool (München)


Festival Toronto International Film Festival 2008 (World Premiere)


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