Raven’s Festival Journey Continues!

This time our little treasure hunters travel to Portugal where they will continue their adventure at this year´s CINANIMA Film Festival. We are very excited and delighted about the invitation!

Akkord’s CEO hosting European Co-Production Panel

At this year’s Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, the biggest European pitching event for animated TV series, Animation Germany invited to a panel discussion focusing on European series co-productions. Over 50 producers, investors and broadcasters from Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg met at the event “EU Co-Productions for Series – Producer´s Heaven or Hell”. Akkord’s CEO, Dirk Beinhold, hosted the panel, introducing case studies from three German-European co-productions by Scopas AG and Fabrique Fantastique (Belgium), MotionWorks and Melusine Productions (Luxembourg) and a collaboration by Akkord and 2MInutes (France).

THE ELFKINS celebrate their festival premiere

After 250 years, they are back! From 30 January 2020, film fans of all ages can enjoy the adventures of the Elfkin family on the big screen throughout Germany. But Elfie, Kipp and Buck will already be on their way from Cologne to Chemnitz in October to celebrate their world premiere at the International Film Festival SCHLINGEL. We are very happy to be taking part in this year’s competition “Blickpunkt Deutschland” and would like to thank the entire festival team.


Akkord´s CEO elected Vice-Chairman of Animation in Europe

The General Assembly of Animation in Europe, the federation of European Animation Producer Associations, elected its board for the next two years during its annual meeting at MIFA in Annecy last week. The following candidates, who bring together an extensive range of TV, movie, production and distribution experience, were elected to the board: Philippe Alessandri (Watch Next Media – France) as Chairman, Annemie Degryse (Lumiere Publishing/ Lunanime – Belgium) as Treasurer and Moe Honan (Moetion Films – Ireland), Dirk Beinhold (Akkord Film Produktion GmbH – Germany) and Tom van Waveren (CAKE – Netherlands) will serve as Vice Chairs. Mar Sáez Pedrero (PRO-ANIMATS – Spain) was subsequently asked to continue as General Secretary. We are very proud of being elected and congratulate the other board members!

Successful treasure hunt from Stuttgart’s ITFS to Golden Sparrow

Before the official theatrical release, young and old fans could experience the cheeky little raven at two film festivals and join in the excitement of the big treasure hunt which began in May at ITFS Festival in Stuttgart. This week, Raven met the Golden Sparrow at the film festival by the same name in Gera and Erfurt where they greeted an enthusiastic audience. Little Raven will fly across the screens all over Germany starting December 12th.

Angela Poschet joins Akkord Film

We are very happy to welcome Angela at Akkord Film to oversee all our physical production work. She most recently supervised the production of Wes Anderson’s stop-motion indie ISLE OF DOGS and was part of the production team of Jan Lachauer, Jakob Schuh and Bin-Han To’s REVOLTING RHYMES. Both were nominated for an Academy Award. She also supervised MAYA THE BEE for German studio M.A.R.K. 13. We are proud to have her on board for our expanding international productions in the coming years!

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